What is the pastor’s job? A description.

Sunday’s only six days away and I have two sermons to write.  As I’m thinking about and prayerfully considering the messages, I’m looking at notes from five years ago when I spent a week with Mike Slaughter, pastor at Ginghamsburg.  One of the things he said that I wrote down was one of the primary jobs of any pastor.

If you were to ask church people in small churches (less than 150 attending) what the pastor’s job is, they might say things like:

  • Visit the sick
  • Have office hours
  • Type and Print the Bulletin
  • Lead a Bible Study
  • Get people to come to church
  • Mow the yard/Shovel the walks
  • Teach a Sunday School class
  • Attend Church Meetings
  • Preach
  • Make sure there’s enough money to pay the bills

You might have more to add to the list or some to take away, but this is just off the top of my head.  Most everything on that list is about taking care of the church people.  Most everything that small churches expect of their pastor is that their pastor would “take care of them”.

Slaughter said in his opinion one of the primary jobs of the pastor is to help people find their ‘burning bush’ and then to throw gasoline on it.




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