The long and winding road

I’m sitting in a friend’s home along the ohio river this morning. It’s literally just feet from where, as a boy, I used to pull antique bottles from the dirt after the flood waters would wash soil away from an old dump. It’s also feet away from the boat docks where I would go bass fishing as I watched the dawn of a new day. That seems like a couple of lifetimes ago.

I could never have known that 40 years later I would be sitting here looking down on and back at those memories this particular morning. It’s been a long and winding road that has brought me back to this spot along the river.

While I don’t believe I followed the path God had for me, I do believe He has still been able to get me to where He wants me this morning- in spite of several poor choices along the way. All those years ago He knew I was one day going to be His servant.

I really find it comforting to know that He is able to accomplish His good will for me in spite of me. And I find it comforting to know that in this life, as I seek to serve Him through the good and bad times, that He has an end in mind. And I trust Him to get me there, even as I continue to live an imperfect life. That’s how mighty He is.


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One Response to The long and winding road

  1. Ralph Ross says:

    I have felt that often. I took a long path to get where I am today. Someof those paths were very dark, but am still glad I traveled them. Happy he never left my side. I hope to honor him each day.

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