If everyone doesn’t approve

I just found an AW Tozer book on my desk.  There’s a note on the front that says, “Scott, this is what the people want to hear. Read chapter 10 of this book and you will find a story that never gets old.”  I read chapter 10.  Chapter 10 is about how Christianity isn’t about self-improvement, but about dying to self.  It’s about calling people to repentance.

I’m not sure if I get to keep the book, but I’m certainly thrilled to have a Tozer book I haven’t read yet to take to Rhode Island with me tomorrow.   His book, “The Knowledge of the Holy” is my favorite book and Tozer is on of my favorite theologians, along with CS Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Charles Spurgeon.

I don’t know who left it and how they meant the note.  I got the feeling that it was constructive criticism, but maybe I took it the wrong way.  I don’t know if they were implying that I preach self-improvement or that I don’t preach that we have to be born again, repent, and turn from sin.  Or maybe they were just trying to encourage me that I should never quit preaching about dying to self.

The one thing I do know is that I am never going to please everyone and it’s not my job to please everyone.  Some people will always be unhappy.  I don’t have to answer to them.  I have to answer to the one who created me.  And so do you.




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