The scary part of God

This coming Sunday is Pentecost.  It’s the day that the church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit.  Pastor Francis Chan calls the Holy Spirit the forgotten part of God.

Personally I think the Holy Spirit is the scary part of God.  God the Father is not scary once you are covered by the blood of Jesus.  (If you’re not, you should be afraid – very afraid.)  Jesus is not scary when you are His because who would ever be afraid of someone who died for you?  Jesus is with the Father waiting to accept us in heaven.

But the Holy Spirit…  The Holy Spirit is the scary part of God.  While the Bible offers encouragement that the Spirit will help us in our weakness (Romans 8:1) and speak for us when we don’t know what to say (Matthew 10:19-20), the Spirit is also the One who led Jesus into the wilderness (Matthew 4:1).  The Holy Spirit got disciples thrown in prison and led all but one of Jesus’ disciples to be martyred for their faith in Him.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Holy Spirit carries around a spoon.  The Holy Spirit uses that spoon to stir things up.  The Holy Spirit is scary because the Spirit is so unpredictable.  I look forward to preaching about the Holy Spirit on Sunday and pray He brings His spoon.




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