Eternity is right around the corner.

I’m 52.  To people in their 20’s that sounds pretty old.  To people in their 80’s that sounds pretty young.  I remember when I graduated in 1980 and thinking that in 30 years it will be 2010.  That sounded so futuristic. In 1980 I remember thinking in 2012 I would be 50.  At the age of 18 the thought never crossed my mind that I might not live to be 50.  It was a given.  At 18 it didn’t matter if I wasted a year.  I wasted my opportunity to graduate from college as a young person.  I knew I had lots and lots of years ahead of me.

Now it’s 2014 and I’m 52.  I keep getting AARP mailings.  As unbelievable as it is to me, I’m a pastor in the United Methodist Church.  And I realize I don’t have a lot of years ahead of me.  I have 24 more years if I live to the average life expectancy of an American male.  I have about 15 years if I live as long as my dad and my grandmother did.  I’m at the age that I feel like I no longer have time to waste.  Eternity is right around the corner.  And there are days when I wonder if being the pastor of a church in the United States is wasted time.

“And the hours go by like minutes… And the shadows come to stay…” ~ The Eagles


This ends today’s blog, but please read this: I’m not depressed.  This isn’t about self-pity and I’m not fishing for compliments or encouragement, so please don’t reply by posting anything about me or how awesome a pastor I am (or that I suck as a pastor or that a real pastor wouldn’t put the word ‘suck’ in their blog.)  If you reply, do me a favor and reply from your own perspective about life and purpose and eternity.




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3 Responses to Eternity is right around the corner.

  1. Eileen Whtie says:

    I always like to think or try to live only one day at a time, like they say that is all we are promised anyway. And worrying or fretting about my future or what’s in it, I know God already knows the appointed time he is going to take me to heaven, So there is not much I can do about it. But Praise the Lord the he is my Savior. I know one miracle that I have received is when the Lord moved us to Short Gap, I was raised in the church all my life, but I had to move to Short Gap to meet the Lord.

  2. says:

    Glory to God. This reminds me how i often feel about the urgence of time. Am now 29, yet i feel i must redeem time as a young African minister, and this reminds me how am getting closer to eternity

  3. coachbarr says:

    I have had those same thoughts. I am 48. My Dad died at 51. His Dad died at about the same age. Time flies. We live like we will live forever but time is just vapor. I am thankful that our time left until we meet Jesus is short and I am terrified for those who don’t him yet.

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