A beeline to Jesus

I’m reading a book by Rick Lawrence called Jesus Centered Youth Ministry.  In one part he talks about sermons and he quotes Charles Spurgeon.  Spurgeon says we must continually make a beeline to Jesus in whatever Scripture we’re preaching.  Preaching Moses?  Make a beeline to Jesus.  Preaching Proverbs?  Psalms?  Leviticus?  Make a beeline to Jesus.

Spurgeon critiqued one sermon and told the preacher that he hadn’t gone to Jesus in the sermon.  The preacher said Jesus wasn’t in the text.  Spurgeon said that no matter where you were in England, there was a road to London.  Likewise, wherever we are in the Bible, there’s a path to Jesus.  The whole Bible is about Jesus – either pointing forward to Him or pointing back to Him.

And in our lives, the only life worth living is a life that makes a beeline to Jesus.  And no matter where you are in life – no matter how much you’ve strayed or how bad the mistakes you’ve made, there’s a path to Jesus.




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