God has led me here

On New Year’s Eve 2012 I was at the Barr residence. They invited Diane and me there for pork they had grilled. They also invited a former pastor friend and his family. His name is Brian. Brian told me about Samaritan’s Purse mission trips. All I knew of SP was the Christmas shoe boxes.

Brian said they offered free mission trips and all you had to do was pay to get there. I literally could not believe it. In the following days after some exploring online, I found he was not mistaken. Last summer Diane and I went to Long Island NY for hurricane sandy relief. (We’re going back with a whole bunch of friends next month.)

And today I sit in the parking lot of a church in Oklahoma knowing and believing that on that New Year’s Eve, God was at work. He knew that through a series of events I would be in Moore Oklahoma with my wife, our son Adam, and seven others representing Him and the great state of West Virginia. He knew Diane and I would be here with people from the new church we didn’t even know we were going to. He knew Adam would have finally found his way back to serving Jesus. He has led us all here and He knows what the day and the week hold.

I trust that He has a purpose that will include blessing others through us and forming and making us into the people He would have us be. And I believe that for you as well, whether you’re lying in a hospital bed or going through a routine day. He has led you where you are to be a blessing and to be blessed as you have the opportunity to grow closer to Him.


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