Ways we fall short

Yesterday’s sermon at 8:30 and 11:00 worship was from Ephesians where Paul says we are saved not by our works, but by grace through faith.  I talked about not being able to do enough good things to earn salvation, but that we are only able to be made right with our Creator by Jesus.

I read something this morning that I wish I had read before so I could have said it yesterday.  In his book “To Live is Christ to Die is Gain”, Matt Chandler said that we weren’t given the 10 Commandments (The Law) so much so we would follow them, but primarily so we could see how we fall short of what God requires.  It makes me look at the 10 commandments differently.  Giving us the 10 Commandments was an act of love.Yes, there is a bar.  Yes, we all fall short.  Yes, God knows it.  Yes, you can ask for and receive forgiveness for breaking God’s commands through the sacrifice of Jesus.  And there’s nothing you can do to earn it.  Most of us would feel better earning forgiveness.  It’s a free gift – which ironically is often the most difficult to receive.

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