It’s about people

10 of us were in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago working on a home that was replacing one destroyed by a tornado last year.  In two weeks we’ll be in the midst of a week on Long Island, NY working on a home damaged by Hurricane Sandy.  I love mission trips.  I love seeing and hearing how people are impacted by mission trips.  Not just the people we go to help, but especially those who go.  A mission trip changes you.

When we were in Oklahoma I remember the Samaritan’s Purse staff saying, “It’s about the people”.  They said if someone came by to talk to you, the homeowner, another local resident, or whoever, that we should stop what we were doing and talk to them.  After all, it’s always about people.  It’s about the people being helped and the people helping.

Jesus taught us it was about people.  It’s about showing them love.  It’s about seeing the lost saved.  It’s about carrying others’ burdens.  It’s about seeing people move from death to life in Jesus by telling them of their need for Him.  It’s about meeting Jesus, growing in Jesus, and helping others to do the same.




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