A year ago when we moved to Short Gap I had to leave many plants behind – especially from my office.  When we got here we found a spider plant at Lowe’s for $5.00.  The thing has gone crazy.  It probably has 100 babies on it right now.  I have 5 pots planted from it and 5 more ready to be potted.  I need to get many more of the babies cut off of the main plant and get them in water.

DSCN1038I have a picture from October of last year of a pot I had just started.  Here it is on the left.  It’s the smaller plant of the two in this picture.  It’s now nine months later and the plant has grown quite a bit.  I started two of them at the same time.  I didn’t think the other one was ever going to grow.  It stayed the same size for a long time.  But the other one finally started taking off as well.  They have both seen pretty tremendous growth.  What will eventually happen is that they will start putting out their own baby spider plants.  It would be really neat to raise a couple of hundred of them and give them out in church as an illustration.

20140712-092319-33799174.jpgHere’s the same plant today that was in the picture above.  This is a picture of what the Christian life is supposed to be like.  When we decide to follow Jesus, we should be continually growing and changing.  It’s not that we all become pastors and start churches or go to seminary, but we should be growing.  We should become more Biblically literate by reading our Bibles.  We should begin to realize that church isn’t about us, but about Jesus and about introducing the lost to Jesus.  We should become faithful in church attendance because it helps us grow.  We should grow to become cheerful givers.  We should grow to be able to forgive.

No matter who we are or where we are in our walk with Jesus, we can grow.  Maybe next summer I’ll post another picture of the same spider plant and we can compare its growth to our own.




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