I think you should do it this way

Have you ever said “I think you should do it this way”?  Sometimes we have a reason for wanting things done a certain way.  When I put the food out for a Wednesday night dinner, sometimes it does make a difference what order the food is in.  You want the mashed potatoes before the gravy as people are going down the row of food.  If you put the gravy out and then the green beans and then the mashed potatoes, that would make it fairly difficult to put gravy on top of your potatoes.  Other times we just want things done a certain way because that’s how we are.  Sometimes it makes no difference, but we prefer it our own way.  I’m sure I”m guilty of that with the dinners.  If we had grilled chicken, scalloped potatoes, and corn, I would have the order – meat, potato, vegetable.  In this case it would really make no difference.

I find myself doing the same thing with God on more important issues.

  • God, I think it would be best if you would…
  • God, I can’t understand why you (or why you won’t)…
  • God, I would rather…
  • God, I think you should…

And then sometimes I remember who I am and who He is.  I’m the one who might be right half the time – He’s the One who is never wrong.  I’m the one who has a history of some pretty bad decisions, He’s the One who has a history of never making a bad decision.  I’m the one who has no idea what today holds.  He’s the One who made today and nothing is going to surprise Him.

If I were to give myself some advice, it would be that I should trust Him more and question Him less.  And wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy.




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