It’s going to take more than that to clean up this mess

Yesterday we loaded up a U-Haul filled with Adam’s belongings and moved them from Pittsburgh to our home in Short Gap.  I discussed this in yesterday’s blog when I wrote about faith.

On one of my many trips up and down 44 steps (one way) I saw a guy set his material beverage cooler on the sidewalk in front of Adam’s apartment.  The guy had the cooler on the ground and was doing something on his phone.  Enter a woman pushing a baby in a stroller and walking a dog.  As they came down the sidewalk, her (male) dog sniffed his way to the guys cooler and proceeded to hike up his leg and pee on the guy’s cooler.  The woman jerked the leash of the dog, shouted the Lord’s Name in vain, and started apologizing to the guy.  She told him she normally had baby wipes, but didn’t have any with her at the moment.  Yea… if they only had baby wipes.

It was going to take more than baby wipes to clean that up.  It reminds me of how people sometimes think they can get their act together. Sometimes people think they need to get their lives straightened out before God will accept them or before they can come to church.  We have to realize that the mess that is our lives is way beyond our ability to clean up.  It is only when we realize that all of our tidying up will not take away the stench of sin that we can finally turn to God and turn the mess over to Him.  And He is faithful to forgive us our sin.  And He will begin a good work in us.  And while the sin is forgiven once and for all, we must keep going back to Him over and over to get things straightened out when we’ve made another mess of things.

And turning to Him is not failure.  Turning to Jesus is the only true Hope of getting the mess cleaned up.




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