That’s over, now what?

If we pay attention, I think we see a lot of transitions in life – a lot of times when have the opportunity to say (whether we think about it or not), “That’s over, now what?”  I don’t just mean major events like weddings and graduations and funerals and births.

Baseball season is over for the Orioles (undefeated 19-0) and many other young people.  The end of July means vacation is over for most people who were blessed to go on vacation.  For two mission teams in the last month, the mission trip they so looked forward to is over (or truth be told for some – the mission trip they worried too much about).

And the question on my mind is, “Now what?”  Of course we usually go back to our routines, not that routines are a bad thing.  I’ll be back to my usual sermon preparation (I hope God shows up mightier than ever this morning since I didn’t have time to prepare sermons this week), back to my usual morning devotion schedule, back to preparing Wednesday night dinners, and soon back to taking food to the schools for our backpack ministry.

As summer begins winding down (I know you don’t want to hear that), and as you and I get back into ‘routines’, let’s constantly be looking for some ‘now what?’ opportunities.  In our routines, the ‘now what’ opportunities are mostly unplanned.  And because they are unplanned and often interrupt our routine, we may miss them or avoid them.

This is a reminder that just because the adventures of this summer will end, adventures don’t have to end.  God will place opportunities before you.  Keep your eyes open and fixed on Jesus through prayer, Bible reading, and church attendance and your routine will be anything but routine.  When you follow Jesus there are always opportunities for adventure, even in the midst of our routine lives.  How sad if the ‘what’s next’ moments for us are next summer’s vacations or mission trips.  Jesus may put a great opportunity before you today in the midst of your routine.




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