Don’t Call it a Comeback

LL Cool J had a song over 20 years ago and in it he said, “Don’t call it a comeback”.  He said he had never been gone, but rather had ‘been here for years’.  According to wikipedia he said he thought his career was over because he didn’t think he’d be able to compete with the up and coming ‘gangsta rap’.  He’s done OK for himself.  He’s been on NCIS Los Angeles the last five years and hosted the Grammys for the last three years.

Most of us like a good comeback story.  We see stories of politicians, actors, and athletes making comebacks.  A comeback often follows a fall – including scandals, health issues, or consequences from a bad choice.

And to make this about Jesus, which I most generally try to do, I wonder if He would call coming back to life from the cross and grave a comeback.  From the peoples’ perspective at that time, it would have looked like the greatest comeback of all time.  Or would He say, “Don’t call it a comeback” because it was really God’s plan all along.

I’m praying for you/those who need a comeback today.  And I pray that you/they turn to Jesus, the Master of comebacks.  I love a good comeback story, whatever you call it.




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