If there is a mustard seed of faith

As I research my sermon for Sunday, I found an interesting line that someone had written.  One woman asked if her sister was in heaven (her sister took her own life).  The person who answered wrote that he couldn’t tell her if she was or wasn’t, but he knew this:  If her sister had a mustard seed of faith, God will save her.  He also wrote, “You may not know whether she is in heaven or not but you can know that God, who has her in his hand, is faithful and just and will do what is right.”

I’m far from the “Good people go to heaven” camp.  But I also know that I am not wise enough to know what God is going to do when this life ends for each one of us.  But He will do what is right.  And that should be a comforting thought to us.

In the meantime I will proclaim the Name of Jesus and encourage people to turn to Him, not just for heaven, but for peace, comfort, strength, and excitement as we journey through this life.  To turn to Him at the end of our life is to miss out on a life of living for Him.  And I wouldn’t want to miss that.




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