Ready to live and ready to die

I watched the Emory University press conference and heard Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly thank people for saving his life.  He said God used many different people and means to accomplish his healing.  He definitely gave God the glory.  And I know his family and Samaritan’s Purse would have given God the glory if the results had not been good.

We tend to glorify God more for physical healing than when the healing doesn’t come.  Sometimes we even feel like we have to defend God when it looks like He messed up and let someone die.

What we must remember is that we are all going to die sooner or later.  This life is only temporary for each of us.  Some are destined to live long lives and others seemingly not long enough.  Dr. Brantly appears to have some more time left on earth.  And I thank God for that.  More importantly, however, is the fact that Dr. Brantly was ready to face God if his time had come.  He said in his statement that he prayed that God would help him remain faithful if he was healed or if healing was not to be.

Dr. Brantly was ready to live and he was ready to die, even though his preference was to live.  He was ready to die because he knows his Savior.  I can tell you it is a blessing to get to that place.  It’s a peace that comes from knowing Jesus.

The difficult part is often for those who remain.  I pray for you who miss your loved ones who have already passed from this life.  I pray that God will help you to remain faithful to Him and to make you ready to live the remainder of this life for His glory and to honor the memory of your loved ones.




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