There’s a party over here…. IN CHURCH?

Yesterday’s 11:00 worship was my favorite worship in the 14 months since I came to Short Gap.  While I loved all three worship services yesterday, the 11:00 worship was awesome because it ended with Chris Tomlin’s song, “God’s Great Dance Floor” and the congregation standing and clapping (mostly in rhythm) and some adults and kids dancing at the front of (and even a couple in the aisles of) the church.  It was an unusually wild ending to church and I loved it.

And there was a point.  We heard about ‘music and dancing’ that occurred when the prodigal son came home in Luke 15.  The music and dancing was a reminder of the joy of the father when his child realizes the errors of his or her ways and turns from those ways.  It was a reminder of the rejoicing that takes place in heaven when one who was lost is found when they come to Jesus.  It was a reminder to me of the rejoicing in heaven and on earth when Diane’s sister Kathy became a Believer and called on the Lord days before she went to be with Him.  It was in a word: spectacular.

It’s my opinion that most of the time we make being a follower of Jesus boring.  We make church boring.  I remember doing a sermon about Jesus changing the water into wine at the wedding in Cana and I said, “When Jesus showed up the wine got better and the party lasted longer.”  I came to that conclusion because if he hadn’t changed the water to wine they would have been out of wine effectively ending the wedding party (that probably lasted a week!)

I remember when I was the pastor at Mason on the occasions when I would have Miss Ruth bring the kids back in to the sanctuary (from children’s church) toward the end of church for some reason.  She would always tell me that many of the kids complained when they had to leave children’s church and come back into the sanctuary.  I doubt there was any complaining yesterday from the kids who came back in.  One parent said that on the way home their child said that she wanted to go back to church and do it again.  If a child wants to come back to church and do it again, we did something right yesterday in worship.  And truth be told, I wanted to do it again and continue the worship, too.




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