What’s the ice bucket challenge?

Yesterday I mentioned Mark Driscoll in my blog.  Some people have no clue who he is.  I think they say that there are between 7 and 10 million of his sermons viewed and downloaded each year.  There are undoubtedly many people who read my blog and have never heard of him.  Francis Chan, David Platt, Craig Groeschel are other well known pastors that I listen to and are very popular – yet most of the people who have read my blog have no clue who these people are.

I remember when our sons were little and I was always amazed that there were adults who had no clue who the Power Rangers were.  Now I understand.  Now that our sons are 22 and 24, I don’t know the shows and games the little kids are watching/playing today.

As hard as it is for us who are online to comprehend, while you and I have seen hundreds of videos of people pouring water on themselves, there are people all around us who have not heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and have no clue what it is.

For each of us there is a whole world out there that we know nothing about, even if we have heard about it.  When Diane and I were in West Africa we met a fetish priest.  Wikipedia says: “The Priest or priestess (in the case of a female) performs rituals to consult and seek the favor from his gods in the shrine. The rituals are performed with money, liquor, animals, and in some places, human sex slaves.”

There are people all over the world who have no clue about Jesus.  They’re doing the best they can knowing there is some deity, some greater being, some greater power, and don’t know that His name is Jesus.  I will use today’s blog in my sermon Sunday.  I’m preaching about The Great Commission from Matthew 28.  This is The Great Commission:

“…go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

Let’s begin praying for people who have never heard the Good News of Jesus.  They’re out there.  And let’s pray for the people who God has sent, is sending, and will send to tell them.  And let’s pray that God would reveal to us our part in The Great Commission, whether it’s to go or to pray for and financially support others as God calls them to go.




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One Response to What’s the ice bucket challenge?

  1. rev anthony says:

    Dear pastor, I appreciate all your efforts to extend this biblical truth to the ends of the world. God bless you. am Rev Anthony Kamukama from Uganda, am a youth pastor of some school, am inquiring if your ministry has some training school and if it is possible for me to further my studies in ministerial grounds. i did a degree in Theology. Thank you

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