Just like the government

“The church, for all the good that it is doing, is failing to bear witness to who Jesus is, to the world around us.” ~ Pastor David Cartwright

Today a line will form at our Short Gap church.  Our food pantry will be open.  People will take home food that the people of our church and some in the community have provided.  And most of them will thank the people who are handing the food to them.  They will thank the people who carry it out for them.  And most of them will never think about Jesus.  Coming to the church to pick up food is no different to them than the government putting money on their EBT card (the EBT cards are like a credit card that has replaced paper food stamps.)

In the public’s eye, the church has become nothing more than another organization that gives assistance to those in need.  In the public’s eye, the church is a place to have weddings.  And too many of us in the church are content with that.  We were meant to be an unstoppable force.  We were meant to change the world.  And instead we continue to let the world change us.

Some of us and some churches aren’t at all concerned with bearing witness to who Jesus is.  Some of us and some churches like the idea of bearing witness by our good deeds.  The problem with that is that people just look at us as kind people.  Sometimes we have to open our mouths and speak the Name of Jesus to them to set us apart from other well-intentioned organizations.

(This post is precisely why I am such a big proponent of Samaritan’s Purse.  Their mission statement is “Helping in Jesus’ Name.”)




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One Response to Just like the government

  1. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! Let His church be salt and light for the world, let good works follow faith, and let us love our neighbours firstly with the good news of Jesus! Thank you for sharing this.

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