Upon closer examination

There is a limo sitting near the rescue mission today. It looks really nice from a distance. It isn’t so impressive when you look more closely. The leather on the roof is cracked, the bumper is scuffed, the tint on the windows is bubbled, and it has rust started in several places. To see it going down the road you’d never see all the imperfections.

I’m reminded of how we try to cover up our imperfections. We lie to ourselves and others. And we lie to God. We can sometimes fool ourselves and often fool others, but we never fool God. And one day each of us will stand before him for a closer examination- the ultimate judgement. It’s not our perfection that He will be looking for. He will be inspecting our hearts to see if they belong to Jesus. He will say ‘forgiven’ based not on our ability to fool anyone, but upon our imperfections being covered by the blood of Jesus. All the work to appear to be something we’re not is in vain. Without Jesus, we will all hear ‘depart from me’ no matter how we look from a distance.





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