Can you be trusted with small things?

In Luke chapter 16, Jesus talks about people being trustworthy with small things.  He says whoever can be trusted with a little can be trusted with a lot.  Conversely, He says whoever is dishonest with a little with be dishonest with a lot.  He’s talking about money in this context.  I think most of us find this to be true.

When our boys were young and we first started leaving them alone, we would be gone for 5 minutes to the post office.  After they had proven they could be trusted it was 15 minutes, then 30, and then an hour.

God has trusted me with a wonderful means to reach people around the world through this blog.  When I began my blog in May of 2010, I didn’t have great expectations.  I Screenshot from 2014-09-09 07:20:09thought it may be a journal mostly for my benefit.  For the first year, I blogged intermittently and averaged between 1 to 4 people a day visiting my blog posts.  As I began being more faithful to work on them, God began to send more people to read them.  I started putting written sermons online and people from around the world began to find them.  Yesterday my blog passed 100,000 page views.  It took 3 1/2 years to reach the first 50,000 views and less than a year to reach the next 50,000.  Every day there are people from at least a dozen countries who come to my blog.  They sometimes use Google Translator to translate them into their language.

And I didn’t begin writing them because people were reading them.  People read them because I wrote them.  Does that make sense?  Sometimes if we don’t get the desired results, we give up.  But I kept writing as God had called me to do and God kept encouraging me by sending more and more people to read them.  I’d like to think I’d still be writing if nobody was reading, just because I believe God calls me to it.

If God calls you to do something, don’t give up.  He’s trusting you.  Here’s what I’ve learned.  If you teach a Sunday School class or lead a youth group with 2 kids, He’s trusting you with those 2 kids.  If you pastor a church with 25 people, do your best, prepare your sermon as if 1,000 people were going to hear it, and preach the Gospel with all you’ve got.  If you lead a small group and you get discouraged because only a few show up, keep going if you believe God is calling you to do it.  We mustn’t ever have the attitude that only a few will be there so I’m not going to prepare.  Will you continue to serve Him even when it seems like nobody notices?  Will you be obedient even when you don’t feel like it?  Can God trust you with a little?




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One Response to Can you be trusted with small things?

  1. I do believe that is something I needed to hear! Thanks!

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