Dream your dreams tomorrow

I am listening to a song by Steven Curtis Chapman and the lyrics say, “Dream your dreams tomorrow because today life must go on.”  The chorus says there is more to this life than trying to make it through the day.  Do you ever feel like your life is ‘same stuff, different day’?

I understand that even mountaintop experiences, if we were to maintain them, could become routine.  I understand we all have responsibilities.  But, sometimes we need to take time to see if there is something different God is putting on our hearts.

Have you seen the Bud Light “Whatever” commercials?  I am tempted to say I am going to start beginning my days with the statement, “Jesus, I’m up for whatever You have for me today”.  Then I think that would just become something I routinely say.

If you are feeling restless, you are not alone.

Jesus, I’m up for whatever you have for me today…  And maybe it will be some more of the same or maybe it will be something completely different.




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One Response to Dream your dreams tomorrow

  1. Lisa Ohlinger says:

    Scott, sometimes it seems like you read my mind and then blog about it! Thanks so much for your blog! It’s my lifeline!

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