It’s not fair

I watched a sermon this morning that a friend spoke at his church yesterday.  He spoke about the guy who owned a vineyard and he hired people all throughout the day for one day’s work.  Some people got hired early in the day and some came on late in the day.  Some of the guys had already worked 11 hours when the owner brought on some new people.  That means the newer people could have only worked a few hours.  The guy who owned the vineyard decided to pay the people who only worked a few hours just as much as the people who worked all day.  Many of the parables in the Bible don’t translate as powerfully as when Jesus spoke them because most of us don’t raise sheep or run a plow any more.  But this one translates well.  We can still hear this parable and still find ourselves saying, “It’s not fair”.

This parable is a story of God’s grace.  Jesus told it because the Jewish leaders thought they were better than others and thought their upbringing would get them into heaven.  It’s a reminder that none of us can look at ourselves as deserving and as anyone else as undeserving of God’s love and God’s salvation.  Everyone is invited to repent and receive forgiveness through the shed blood of Jesus.  It should be a reminder to us church people, many whom have spent their whole lives in church, that we don’t suddenly become the gatekeepers of the Kingdom of God.  We aren’t more important or more deserving than the new person in our midst who came to Jesus in the last year.  It’s a reminder that the ground is level at the foot of the cross.

We are right that it’s not fair.  It’s not fair that Jesus should die for any of us, but I thank God that He did.  And I than Him for new brothers and sisters who gain the same grace and the same salvation as those who have served Him their whole lives.




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