Getting back up

pansyYesterday I saw a person planting pansies.  I remember last year when we moved to Short Gap and Diane and I were thinking of buying some pansies here locally, but we weren’t sure if they would survive the frost.  We called Bob Barnitz from Bob’s Market and asked him if there was a special pansy that would survive the frost.  He said all pansies were considered ‘frost free’.  You can plant pansies in the fall and they can survive all winter.  Let it snow and they will be knocked down and look dead, but let the sun come out and the snow melt and those flowers will bounce right back.

That’s how I see our lives when we know Jesus as our Savior.  In Matthew 10:28 Jesus said, “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul…”  This world is going to knock you down at times.  But with Jesus, you will never be defeated.  Even death does not defeat those who are in Christ – those who know Jesus as Savior.  That is an encouraging promise to those of us who put our faith and hope in Him.

Plant yourself some pansies and as winter comes, let them remind you of the resilience of the Christian life.  I have a feeling that on Diane’s next visit back to Mason she’ll be bringing back some pansies from Bob’s Market.




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