Being life flighted out

Diane, Adam, and I are going to Haiti with Samaritan’s Purse in November.  I was told I may be working with pastors, helping, teaching, and encouraging them.  Adam and Diane may be working with families and children, helping, teaching, and empowering them from a Jesus perspective.

Samaritan’s Purse will provide us with insurance to cover us while we’re in Haiti.  Our own insurance will cover us while we’re in the United States.  Today I sent them our insurance information.  They said they needed it in case a medical emergency necessitated an evacuation from Haiti by helicopter back to the U.S.  Dr. Kent Brantly was serving with SP when he had to be evacuated from Liberia with Ebola.  Even in the routine of our lives we never know when something will happen, and the odds are probably greater in a place like Africa or Haiti.  SP wants to make sure we’ll be covered here and there.

One of these days something is going to happen with each of us and we’re going to be “evacuated” from this world.  There is a 100% death rate.  And the beauty of it is that there is a way to be covered.  We can be covered here and there by the same policy.  It’s a policy that has already had the premiums paid in full.  It was paid by Jesus on the cross.  When we put our faith, hope, and trust in Jesus, He will be with us in this life through good times and bad.  And when we leave this world, He will welcome us to be with Him forever.  It’s a great policy.  Are you covered?  If not, check out the Roman Road –










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