When you assume it makes…

You know the old saying.  This morning there was a message on the answering machine at the church and as I listened it was clear that this was the typical call from someone who needed a utility bill paid.  I prepared to write down the number to send it to the person who takes care of utility bills on behalf of the Short Gap church, but this person said something different.  They said they were looking for a church to attend.   That never happens.  OK – now I can’t say never.  That hardly ever happens.  I believe that is a first for me in 7+ years in the ministry.

In the Book Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, Jim Cybala talks about preaching at an inner city church.  If I remember correctly, he said that one time a guy came to the front of the church as Cybala was preaching and he could tell that it was another homeless guy looking for money.  As the man walked toward the front of the church, Cybala reached into his pocket for money to give the man.  But the man, with an indescribable vile smell, said he did not want money, but wanted what the preacher was talking about – Jesus.

We often make assumptions.  We might assume everyone at the homeless shelter is on drugs and has made choices to be there.  That sounds better than saying, “They deserve to be there.”  We might assume young people in the church like more modern worship and the older people like more traditional.  We might assume that people would not be receptive to us talking to them about church or about Jesus.  When we assume in that way it makes us ineffective witnesses.  We need to assume that Jesus is sending people into our path so we can represent Him – with our words and our actions.  It’s Satan who wants us to assume the worst.




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