MSNBC, Fox News, Ebola, Jesus, and truth

In America, we have become experts at “spinning” things.   And by spinning, I mean we twist and contort facts to support/meet our objectives or perspectives.  The other night I was flipping the channel between MSNBC and Fox News.  They were both talking about Ebola, and specifically about the way it has been handled thus far in the United States, including the nurses getting it.  Fox News was blaming the government and CDC for allowing the hospital in Dallas to treat the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the US.  MSNBC was blaming the hospital for not providing the nurses with the right training and equipment, claiming it was primarily because the hospital was merely another big business only concerned about their profits.

Christians in America have become experts at twisting and contorting Jesus.  In my Bonhoeffer devotional this morning it says, “We are equally good at making the disturbing words of Scripture seem reasonable and making the concrete command a nebulous (unclear/vague) attitude.”  For fear of offending, some people are willing to say that all roads lead to God.  You can believe in Allah and I can believe in Jesus and we’ll see each other on the “other side”.  For fear of offending, some people are willing to disregard sin and repentance.  Some people act as if the Good News of Jesus means jumping directly to forgiveness.  It reminds me of the Monopoly game that says, “Go directly to jail, do not pass go and do not collect $200.”  Some people are willing to act as if Jesus’ word says “Go directly to forgiveness, there is no sin, therefore you don’t need to repent”.  Bonhoeffer calls that cheap grace.

When we spin, twist, and explain away the disturbing words of Jesus, we may be well liked and never offend anyone, but we will most certainly never see anyone changed either.




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