What a difference 20 minutes can make – tough times

IMG_2009This morning I took a picture just before the sun came up.  It was a little haunting looking around the church.  If the church windows had been all busted out it would have looked like a horror movie set.

Yet in just 20 minutes the sun had come up and the sky was gorgeous and it looked like the set for a commercial about attending church on Sunday mornings!  It was literally just 20 minutes.

IMG_2011It reminds me of the difference a few minutes can make – or the difference a day can make – or the difference a week can make – or the difference a year can make.  Sometimes when we’re going through a rough time we cannot possibly see how things would ever be OK again.  But if we hang in there and cling to Jesus, we can make it through.

I remember an episode of the TV show Psych.  When Gus was in a tough spot and afraid, he would repeat to himself, “Low moment.  Low moment.”  It was a reminder that it was just a moment in time and it would pass, just as moments had passed before.  Even when things so difficult that they change the course of your life and things will never be normal again, with Jesus you will be OK.  Cling to him.

I pray that when you feel like you can’t make it through, that you will remember these pictures.  Hang in there and hang on to Jesus.  He will make a difference for you and get you through.




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1 Response to What a difference 20 minutes can make – tough times

  1. patchingcracks says:

    Great post! Love the Psych reference. It’s so easy to get stuck in low moments and lose sight of Jesus in our own emotional turmoil. Thanks for sharing!

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