How Unlikeley was the Frankfort Win?

With 6 and a half minutes to go in the game in the Mineral Bowl last night (for those of you not from here, that’s the annual Frankfort vs. Keyser high school football game), Keyser scored to move their lead to 21-7.   Frankfort fans began filing out of the bleachers.  A win over the cross county rival seemed highly unlikely.  However, Frankfort received the kickoff and drove the field in just about a minute cutting the deficit to 21-14.  Then reality set in again and after several minutes slip away, Keyser has the ball near midfield as the clock moves below two minutes.  I’d guess 30-40% of the Frankfort fans are gone by now.  Keyser is preparing to snap their third down play with under a minute and a half remaining. If anybody tells you they thought Frankfort had a chance before that third down snap, they’re an eternal optimist.  The center snaps the ball several feet back to where the quarterback is standing and it’s a little to the QB’s right and he can’t handle the ball and a Frankfort player is there when the ball bounces right up to him and he runs the ball into the endzone for a touchdown.  An extra point ties the game.  In the first overtime Frankfort throws a TD pass and kicks the extra point.  Now Keyser gets their chance and scores easily in just a couple of plays.  Keyser decides to end the game by going for the two point conversion.  Keyser had pretty much run at will during the game and most people around me thought the Keyser coach made the right call.  The snap, the handoff, and an official runs in from the side and signals, “No Good”.  The game was over.  And the Frankfort seniors got their first win over Keyser.  It was like a movie.  It was like Hoosiers for the Frankfort faithful and like a horror movie for the Keyser fans.  And it was all so very unlikely. I’m reminded of the devotion a couple of Wednesdays ago after our Wednesday night church dinner.  I talked about how unlikely everything in the Bible was.  Every person God used was unlikely.  It was unlikely that He would send His Son to die for us.  It is still unlikely today that anyone would turn to him.  Yet, in the middle of all our unlikely situations in life, we can see Him at work if we look for Him.  We can see it in victory and in defeat. * * *

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