Terrell Suggs and Die Hard Ravens Fans – Blind to the truth

I remember one time at Mason our church was playing softball together in a pickup game – two teams from our own church.  And there was a close play and a call at first base.  Whichever way the call went, one team was going to think the call was wrong.  I remember stopping right then and talking to the young people about how our view of things is clouded by our desires.

Last night the Steelers and the Ravens played football.  Terrell Suggs hit Steelers running back LeGarrette Blount in the backside after Blount had been stopped.  I put a file of the hit at the bottom of this blog post. There was a 15 yard penalty assessed and some pushing and shoving ensued.  Just about the only people defending Suggs’ hit are the Ravens’ fans.  Most everyone else believes the play was over and it was unnecessary roughness and unsportsmanlike, if not downright dirty.

It’s another reminder to me how our perspectives can be clouded by our desires.  It would be wonderful if, when we became a Christian and began to follow Jesus, we could instantly begin to see our lives and see things around us from a “Kingdom” perspective.   But we definitely do not.  We too often go to the Bible looking to justify our desires and our perspectives instead of seeking what part of our lives need to change.  We should have the mind of John the Baptist when he echoed this sentiment in John 3:30 – “Jesus must increase in my life and I must decrease in my life.”  Otherwise we just keep defending our human nature, blind as a Ravens fan to the objective truth.

“Lord, show me and help me see where I need to change, and Lord, help me to change.”








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