10 minutes for misconduct

Diane, Adam, and I made our first trip to Johnstown, PA last night.  We went to the Johnstown Tomahawks hockey game.  Like all hockey games, there were penalties.  Most penalties are two minutes.  When a player has a penalty called on them, they serve their time in the penalty box.  At one point in the game, there was a guy who had to go sit in the penalty box for ten minutes.  It was a game misconduct penalty.  He gets to sit there and think about what he’s done.  And hopefully, he will come out of the box  a little more calmed down.

This morning as I was thinking about it, I decided it would be helpful if God had a penalty box or time-out chair or something.  Sometimes when we get so far off track or so distant from Him, God could give us a little time to sit and think.  Some of you might think He has done that with you before.  And if He has, the problem with it is that most of the time we don’t figure it out until afterwards.

If you’re going through or ever go through a drought with God, hang in there.  It might just be a time that you’re supposed to be figuring some things out.  I believe He’s always ready and willing to put us back in the game.




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