Thanks for all the birthday wishes

I almost wrote “Thanks for all the birthday wishes” on my Facebook page this morning just to freak people out, making them think they had forgotten to wish me a happy birthday on Facebook.  It’s not my birthday.  But it made me think about birthdays on Facebook.  There are different types of people when it comes to thanking people on their birthday.  Some keep up with each one – replying to the happy birthday post with a ‘thank you’ as soon as they can.  Some thank individually the next day, going through every one.  And then people like me throw up a blanket “thank you everyone for the birthday wishes”.  Some people go above and beyond throwing in the “I have such great friends”.  Some people use a combination of the above.  And then some people don’t thank anyone – often times that’s because they are never on Facebook.

I was thinking about praying this morning the same way.  Some people just don’t pray.  Some people have a set aside time to pray and they try to cover everything (thanks and needs) in that one prayer and then rarely talk to or listen to God the rest of the day.  Some people pray throughout the day, trying to keep up with the prayers as things come up.  And some people use a combination.  I don’t know that there’s a right and wrong method.  I guess the important thing is to not let a day go by that you don’t thank God and ask Him for guidance.  And if you missed thanking Him yesterday,  it’s not too late.




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