Focus on what you have

Yesterday was a blog that talked about how I see our country and Christianity parting ways – or at least they should be because our country is heading away from Biblical teachings in many areas and is becoming less and less tolerant of the conservative church’s teachings.  Many times in churches the older Christians long for the way things used to be.  They miss things like a thriving Sunday School program, a full choir singing The Church in the Wildwood, Sunday best clothes, businesses closed on Sundays, and old fashioned revivals and Gospel sings.  It does no good to long for those days because things are never going to be the way they used to be.

Sometimes in our own lives we mourn over what we have lost.  We mourn over lost loved ones, lost youth, lost health, lost chances, and so on.  I was visiting with someone yesterday who was mourning over some loss and God told me to tell them this:  Focus more on what you still have than what you have lost.  Most of you aren’t mourning over things today, but I think we all tend to take what we have for granted.

I hope today is a reminder to you and to me to appreciate what we have – even if it’s not necessarily what we want.  Don’t let yesterday’s sorrow or regret or tomorrow’s worry steal the joy that can be found in today.  God has blessed you in some way today.




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