A map and a battle plan – Walmart Black Friday shopping

I receive Walmart emails because I have made a Walmart purchase online.  When I checked my email this morning I had an email from Walmart titled. “Prep for Black Friday – Map Inside”.

I can enter my zip code and they will give me a map of my local Walmart.  They will tell me where the $98, 32 inch television is going to be placed in my very own store on Thanksgiving evening.  I can plan the best route from the television to the $9.99 waffle maker – It looks like you have to go through ladies lingerie.  What you cannot plan for are the hundreds upon hundreds of people who will be blocking every path through every aisle.  They’re not on the map, but they will be there.  And they can throw a wrench into the whole thing.

The Bible gives us a “map and a battle plan” for life.  While this life will be filled with highs and lows, God tells us to remain faithful and obedient.  He says that there will be some heartache in this life, even though we don’t know exactly where it will be.  There will be temptations and tears.  But he says not to worry.  He says that those times are temporary.  One day, there will be no more sorrow and no more tears.  Until then, the most important instructions aren’t where the $98 televisions are.  The most important thing is to lean on Him and to keep going when the world seems to be against you.  He has overcome the world and He has already won the battle for us.  So hang in there knowing and believing that there is a plan and that it is to give you a hope and a future, no matter how challenging certain times may be.




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