You are God’s beautiful creation

treeThere’s a big tree in our front yard that Diane and I love.  It’s beautiful in the summer when it’s green and full of leaves.   We have four bird feeders and the birds will fly back and forth between the feeders and the tree, hiding in the thickness of the leaves.  The birds make their homes in nests they have built in the tree.  It also shades the house from the hot summer evening sun.

treefallIt’s beautiful in the fall when it’s a vibrant golden color.  It still accommodates the birds and still keeps the sun off the house, but it also sets the place aglow.

And this morning I saw the tree without the summer leaves to shade us and without the beautiful fall colors to appeal to us. There’s nowhere for the birds to hide and their abandoned nests in the crooks of the branches are left exposed.  This morning it was just the tree.

I took a picture and I think you’d agree that it was beautiful, even as it sets bare.

Today I’m reminded of how God sees us.  We don’t usually think about how IMG_2132God sees us.  We primarily see ourselves as others see us.  We differentiate between feeling good about ourselves or feeling bad about ourselves by our performance and acceptance.  We base our value on Facebook “likes”.

Most people would look at our tree in the winter and not see its beauty.  But the old phrase that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is definitely true.  And when God looks at you, He sees His child – whom He created.  His view of you is not based on your performance or on your looks.  Psalm 139 says you are “wonderfully made”.   He loves you because He created you.  It’s an unconditional love – regardless of how you believe others see you and regardless of what you’ve done.




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  1. Eileen White says:

    I just love this post.

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