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You find out later if it was a good decision

We’re spending New Year’s Eve in Pittsburgh watching the Penguins hockey team play. We came up yesterday and we went to the Phipps Conservatory. We walked around the outside of Phipps over the summer, but didn’t pay to go in. … Continue reading

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The Texas A & M coach/kid made a mistake

We all make mistakes.  I do, you do, and the 20 year old Texas A & M assistant did.  In case you’re not a sports fan, during the Texas A & M and WVU liberty bowl game yesterday there was … Continue reading

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Giving away the Christmas Eve offering – The Christmas Spirit

Why wouldn’t we put it in the fund for our new building? Wouldn’t it be better to give it to the First Way Pregnancy Support in Cumberland? What about one of the missionaries we support? Continue reading

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Giving away $50 gift cards

Yesterday Diane and I were blessed to be a part of something amazing.  It was seriously like being on a hidden camera television show.  Someone from our church decided they would like to buy gift cards and give them away … Continue reading

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Speak Lord, You have my attention

Please click on this link to read firsthand the heartbreak and resolve from our friend and missionary to Haiti – Click Here.

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Another baby dies

In yesterday’s blog I spoke about a baby that our missionary friend found in Haiti.  You can read it here.  Our friend just posted: I just got word that last night Mianna passed away. Ashleigh and I are completely heartbroken. … Continue reading

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Why do you send money over there? We have hungry kids here

In a conversation the other day I said to my wife Diane, “You like to know things.  I don’t like to know things.”  It drives her nuts that she has seen me go to bed with 15-20 minutes left in … Continue reading

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Doing whatever it takes to spread the Gospel

If another religion also results in you being with God when you die, what kind of sense does it make that God would send His Son to die as one of many ways? Continue reading

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Listening to old men complain about young people

Im 52, soon to be 53. If you consider me old, you’re very young. If you consider me young, you’re ….. lol, never mind. I’m listening to a bunch of old men who are here on the mission trip complaining … Continue reading

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Important instructions

It’s the first day of our 5 days working in Long Island, NY with Samaritan’s Purse. On the morning of the first day there is an orientation and safety talk. Those of us who have been here before do not … Continue reading

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