Sometimes preparing the way requires a shovel

Many pastors spend Monday morning contemplating next Sunday’s sermon.  This morning I’m reading Mark 1:1-8.  Mark begins not with Jesus’ birth story, but with a proclamation from Isaiah where he talks about preparing the way.  Mark says Isaiah is talking about John the Baptist proclaiming and preparing the way for Jesus.  I think that may be the route I go next Sunday at 8:30 and 11:00 church – “proclaiming and preparing the way”.

clearfieldAn illustration already comes to mind.  Last Wednesday evening about 125 people got together to clear the local high school football field of 5 inches of snow.  Here’s a short article from the local paper.  And Saturday, with the field clear and with snow piled up around the edges of the field, the football team did not disappoint.  The community cleared and prepared the way and the team took care of business.  They will play Friday night this week in the WV Class AA State Championship game in Wheeling.

When we proclaim and prepare the way for Jesus, He doesn’t disappoint either.  While things don’t always go the way we want or expect, I can say I’ve never been sorry for the work I’ve done in proclaiming Him and in preparing for Him to act.  John said we prepare for Jesus by confessing our sins.  Often times we prepare the way for Jesus by being His hands and feet.  Sometimes preparing the way requires a shovel and some four wheelers.







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