Faith on display

Kaylea Smithson is about 10 years old and her family moved from Arkansas to Haiti a couple of years ago to be full time missionaries. Diane, Adam, and I met them when we were in Haiti last year. They have been back in the US for Christmas and for some fundraising and Kaylea got sick in the last couple of days.  She has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  Her blood sugar was 480 and has been brought down to 160 as she’s been in ICU in a children’s hospital.  Her mom Cara just shared on Facebook,

“I am still so amazed thinking back over the past 24 hours and how God went before us and so carefully orchestrated every detail. What an amazing God we serve!”

Their faith took them to Haiti and has been on display as they have moved there with their three kids and built an effective ministry there.  The strength and depth of our faith is on display when we face difficulties in life.  I’m thankful for the example of the Smithsons and their faith as God walks with them through this challenge.

Would you add Kaylea and the family to your prayers?




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