Why do you send money over there? We have hungry kids here

In a conversation the other day I said to my wife Diane, “You like to know things.  I don’t like to know things.”  It drives her nuts that she has seen me go to bed with 15-20 minutes left in a movie we’ve been watching.  My philosophy is, “I know how it’s going to end and if it ends differently than that, then I don’t want to see it.”

carriefoundbabyThere’s a picture that one of our missionary friends, Carrie, posted from Haiti yesterday.  It’s one that I don’t really want to look at, but perhaps need to see.  She and her friend Ashleigh found an infant yesterday.  The infant weighs 3 pounds.  She had been left for dead.  In a modern day “Good Samaritan” moment, Carrie and Ashleigh took the baby to the hospital.  And the Good Samaritan says, “Look after him, and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.”  (The baby was so sick they were unable to save her and she ended up dying a couple of days after being taken to the hospital).

It is a grim reminder to me that I must keep battling and doing what is right when I hear church people have uttered the occasional, “Why do you want to send money over there – we have hungry kids here.”  Or “Why do you want to go on mission trips, we have people here who need help.”

I’m aware that there are hungry kids in our area.  Our church sends food home with 50 of them every weekend through the local schools.  We serve families every month through our food pantry.  We feed people at the local homeless shelter twice a month.  But the truth is, there aren’t many starving kids here.  There aren’t too many that die from unsafe drinking water.

And when followers of Jesus in the USA believe that the hungry kids here should be our priority above the starving kids ‘over there’, they miss the point.  Jesus loves them all and commands us to love and care for them here AND there.  One day He might just ask us about it.




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One Response to Why do you send money over there? We have hungry kids here

  1. Reblogged this on Scott Knowlton's Blog and commented:

    17 of us just got back from Haiti in the wee hours of yesterday morning and today some of us were at the local homeless shelter/mission providing a free meal. I was inspired to re-post this blog when someone who was eating the food our church provided to the people at the local mission today asked me why we go to other countries to help people when there are people who need help here. It was an ironic question from someone in need who was eating the food that our “free” Wednesday night dinners pays for and that I had prepared this morning. I hope you see the irony.

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