Another baby dies

In yesterday’s blog I spoke about a baby that our missionary friend found in Haiti.  You can read it here.  Our friend just posted:

I just got word that last night Mianna passed away. Ashleigh and I are completely heartbroken. She was such a little fighter but her body was just to far gone. She’ll be buried along side her mother who also died from starvation. It’s so hard to make sense of a situation like this, but we’re still trusting the Lord and letting him direct our path. Please keep my family in your prayers while we deal with all the funeral arrangements.

I’m still processing this.  I can’t imagine how Carrie and Ashleigh are feeling.  I should wait to blog today because this is rushed as I have to go somewhere.  But I think the first thought of many people are, “God, why would you let this happen?”  And I think part of the answer is found in the Matthew West song, Do Something.  In the song West says he turns to God and says, “Why don’t you do something?”  and God replies, “I did. I created you.”  And I’m not saying it’s directly your fault or mine, but I know God put me in the position I’m in, in the country I’m in, in order for me to do something.  And without a doubt, part of the reason God let Carrie and Ashleigh find Mianna was for me and you who are reading this.

Mianna has to be with Jesus right now.  There is no possibility she is not.  Her suffering is over.  It’s sad that Carrie and Ashleigh have to experience this and they don’t need this wake-up call.  They are already on the front line in Haiti.  But God will bring good out of this and it will be through me and you.

As a result of Mianna’s short life on this earth, two young women that I know are going to sponsor a child through Compassion International.  As a result of Mianna’s brief period here, I am going to have a personal “go-to story” to relay to those who complain about international mission work.  As a result of her life, God is going to be pouring more money into Ashleigh and Carrie’s efforts in Haiti.

I have to run.  I’m sure you and I will be hearing more:  from Carrie and Ashleigh and from God.




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