The Texas A & M coach/kid made a mistake

We all make mistakes.  I do, you do, and the 20 year old Texas A & M assistant did.  In case you’re not a sports fan, during the Texas A & M and WVU liberty bowl game yesterday there was a 20 year old assistant who literally hit two WVU players at two different times when they had made a play that took them to the Texas A & M sideline.  (Click here for the video).  Twitter went crazy and word got to the head coach and he made the guy sit in the locker room the second half.  The guy is 20 years old and suffered a career ending injury as a freshman player at Texas A & M in 2012.  As far as I can tell, the coach has allowed the 20 year old to be a low paid assistant to help him out.  And he made an egregious error on the sidelines yesterday.  You would think he would know there are cameras everywhere.

I hope he receives some form of discipline and is reinstated.  I hope part of being reinstated would include long term mentoring.  He obviously needs it.  We are not being responsible as a society when we just cut young people like this loose.  I pray that it’s a turning point in his life.

If he was my son or your son, we would plead for a second chance for them.  As followers of Jesus, we are called to have compassion on people and love them as if they were ours.  We who have received forgiveness also are called to forgive.  Everyone needs forgiveness.




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