Every day better than the best day

We’re on a family vacation for a few days this week. We’re in Key West. It’s our first vacation with our sons (Adam 24, and Matt 22) in probably 6 or 7 years. And we never know if it might be the last since they’re adults now. We’re thinking about doing a snorkel and kayak trip into the mangroves tomorrow. The temperature is almost 80. School was cancelled at home today because of snow. These will rank as some of the best days for us as a group, second only to weddings and babies.

And as I sit here waiting for the boys to wake up and Diane to return from a run, I’m thinking about how great heaven must be. As great as our best days here are, Jesus offers us an eternity that puts this all to shame. This promise should also help us deal with the rough and tough times in this life. One day, there will be no more pain and no more tears. So for all my friends dealing with the cold, or dealing with much worse- depression, health issues, issues with loved ones, etc, hang in there.

Jesus will get you through the tough times and what awaits us is better than even our best days here.



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One Response to Every day better than the best day

  1. Lisa says:

    Scott, Diane, Adam and Matt I am so happy for you guys! Key West is paradise! Do the snorkel and kayak! Enjoy 🌴🌞

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