The balance between work and rest – Mary and Martha

A post that talks about the tension of being a follower of Jesus

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I was talking to someone yesterday about a decision that they have to make.  They are conflicted between what they perceive as a tougher road that they believe God wants them to take and a different path that appears more comfortable.  And they said something about a ‘lifetime of conviction’, which sounded to me like, “A lifetime of never enjoying life.”  We can almost make it seem like God doesn’t want us to ever enjoy this life on earth.  We can almost make it seem like God always sends us down the toughest paths, and would surely never send us down an easier path once in a while.  I never want to be seen as a prosperity pastor who tells people to always take the easy path.  I also don’t want to ever miss a chance to point out that God may once in a while give us a break…

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