Out of nowhere

IMG_2777It’s supposed to be very windy here all day today.  The weather report said gusts to 50 mph.  We already had a 50 mph gust this morning.  It was a whiteout with the snow blowing off the roof of the church.  After that gust, Diane texted me and told me there were shingles laying in the yard.  It has calmed down for the time being.  The shingles are the ones that run across the top of the roof.  They need replaced, but it’s not pressing.  The roof won’t start leaking.  They cover a thing called the ridge vent that actually covers the top, so even though those shingles are now missing, the roof still has a plastic vented cover on it.

I could never have imagined when I woke up this morning that there would be shingles from our roof laying in our yard.  It’s sort of an analogy of life, isn’t it?  Every once in a while we are broadsided by a diagnosis, by an appliance or car breaking down, by the unfaithfulness of friends or family, and so much more.  None of us are immune.

Yet we can be encouraged by four words in the Bible.  And it’s not words you may have thought about before.  Those words are “It came to pass…”  It doesn’t say “It came to stay”.  While we all go though trials and tough times, we can be encouraged by remembering that they will not last.  One day they will be a memory and will have served to help teach us to rely more fully on God.  Even if the diagnosis is terminal, we know that we will one day be healed by the Great Physician.

So when the day is tough and the going is rough, hang in there and ask God for help.  One day you will be able to look back and see how He got you through it.  It will indeed come to pass.




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