Their problem with Christianity

burntchurchIn 2010 Diane and I went to the country of Ghana in Africa.  On the flight we heard about Christians who had recently been killed and churches that had recently been burned by Muslims in neighboring Nigeria.  We were assured that it would be safe where we would be in southern Ghana and it was.  The question for me as a typical American was, “Why do Muslims want to kill Christians?”

While I’m no Islamic scholar, as I understand it the root of the Islam and Jewish/Christian problem goes back to the 7th century.  Muhammad believed he was a prophet of God, but the Jewish and Christian leaders did not believe he was.  When he was rejected, he was furious.  After his rejection, Muhammad then believed he received a new revelation from God and Islam was born.  And as luck would have it for Muhammad, this new revelation was permission (some say a command) to kill “the Jew” (and Christians are considered a branch from the Jews).  And that led to Islamists conquering Christian lands which led to the famous Crusades where Christians did things we think of as incomprehensible (it was a barbaric time) and took back land and turned back Islam.  And that was over 1,000 years ago.

For Christians, it’s not even thought about today.  I’m guessing just about everyone reading this had no clue about those events.  But Muslims haven’t forgotten them.  And contrary to what the progressives want us to believe, the belief in the Muslim teaching “to kill Jews hiding behind stones, trees” is still prevalent in the middle east today.  Most surveys say the majority there still believe that it’s right to kill Jews.  So when you hear Iran’s leaders say they want to wipe Israel off the map, now you understand a little better.

And most evangelical Christians still believe that Jesus is the only way.  And this is still offensive to everyone else who wants us to say their religion is just as valid as Christianity.  It would be wonderful if some of our more liberal Christian brothers and sisters were right that there were many roads and many religions that lead to God.  But when Jesus claimed that He is the Way, and that there was and is no other way to the Father except through Jesus, I believe Him.  If there was another way, why would Jesus have died on the cross?  He would have said, “There’s no need for me to die on this cross, take one of the other ways“.

And now you know why this is especially offensive to Muslims – Muhammad is still being rejected.  And his followers are still killing people for rejecting him.  And when people in our country are starting to be afraid to the point of being unwilling to proclaim Jesus as THE Way, when you think it might be unwise for me to blog about this, when you are afraid to share it, then we are beginning to get just a little taste of what it’s like to convert to Christianity in another country and what it will be like here in America in the not too distant future.  In the words of Franklin Graham, “The storm is coming”.





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