The faith and courage it takes to act

adamhaitiWe’re booking our air today for the first international mission trip ever as a church. Our final total is 17 people – 6 of whom are 25 years old or under. We’ll be in Léogâne​ Haiti from April 6-11. We have some people who are really stepping out on faith – some who can not afford to go, some who have never been on a plane before, some who are afraid of flying, some afraid of getting sick in Haiti, and some who are literally afraid of dying.  Some are concerned with what we will eat, where we will sleep, where we will go to the bathroom, where we will bathe or shower, and what we will be doing.  And I’m sure I haven’t covered all the fears.  Yet by faith, we believe the Lord is leading us to go.

Sometimes I think about the real people whose real stories are relayed to us in the Bible.  So often we read the Bible and we know the stories so well (and the outcomes) that we forget the faith and courage that it must have taken these real people to act, not knowing how it would turn out.   I admire their faith and courage.  Likewise, I admire the faith and courage of the people who are going on our trip to Haiti.  While the stories of the 17 of us who are going to Haiti will never be chronicled in the Bible or even in a book, our own stories are being written.  And the author is the Creator of the universe.

And when the music fades, I want my life to say I let You write your story on my heart. ~ Francesca Battistelli




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