Will the Lord take me back?

comebackThis is the Scripture from the other day from the free Bible App 365 day reading plan (it’s not read through the Bible in a year, it’s just a verse or few verses every day, and it doesn’t run from January to December, you could begin it today).  I posted it on my Facebook page the same day.  Later in the day (while I was eating at Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah), someone sent me a message and asked me if they had strayed from God if He would take them back.  I sent them this picture.  Isn’t that crazy?  This was the Scripture from that same day.

Will He take you back?  He is always ready to forgive.  Have you been neglecting daily disciplines?  Have you been neglecting prayer?  Have you been neglecting reading your Bible or Bible App?  (Download the Bible App for free here).  Has it been a while since you’re been to church?   Have you been neglecting listening to a sermon every day? (That one was specifically for me.)  He is kind and full of mercy; He is patient and keeps His promise.  Come back to the Lord your God.




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