Welcome to Haiti


   Yesterday 17 of us from West Virginia arrived in Haiti. Only Adam and I from our group have been here before. And while I haven’t spoken to them all, I believe the majority were shocked by what they saw. They told me that many of the cried as we drove through Port Au Prince.  When I talk to people back home about the poverty, it truly is indescribable and incomprehensible.  It looks like a God forsaken land.  And I mean that in the literal sense – a land that looks like God has left them and evil and voodoo has free reign.

But last night a few of us went to a church service.  (Yes , it was Monday.) As we sat with a few dozen Hatians singing and praising Jesus in Hatian Creole, much of the time through tears, God reminded me that He has not forgotten about Haiti.  He has not forsaken this land.  

As a matter of fact, He had sent 17 of us to a little corner of it to help shine His light.  We will begin today when we deliver beans and rice and loving on some kids in a neighborhood that our missionary friend Carrie Roush ministers to on a daily basis.  And there are hundreds of people in West Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland covering us with prayer that we may remind some of the people here that God has not forgotten them.  




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