Welcome to Church – Haiti Style


 Last night we went to church. Most of us were sitting close to the back. Church had officially begun, but unlike church in the United States, people continue to arrive even after 30 minutes.  About a half hour into it a little girl, probably about 9 years old, walked in.  She looked at our back row of women and with a smile and a look of “I have not seen you for so long” she darted to Nicole and kissed her in the cheek. None of us had ever seen her before.  She then kissed Ellen, Annie, and Missy.  She sat with them and then enticed them into the aisle to dance with her during the congregational singing. Some of her friends joined them.  

It was a great way to welcome guests into your church and into the presence of Jesus.  It was true worship.  It was the highlight of worship. The ladies who were welcomed will never forget going to church in Haiti.  

It makes me think about how people sit in our churches week after week and don’t know the people next to them.  It makes me sad when I think about our monotonous routine that has become church.  

I understand our society is different, but Haiti certainly has taught us something about worshiping together as the body of Jesus, in spite of our differences. 




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