What kind of difference does it make?

I don’t know that everyone in our group feels this way, but almost all of our 17 short-term missionaries will have their lives changed this week. When we go on mission trips, especially for the first time, we think it’s just about the difference we will make where we go to serve.  And we do always make a difference.

Yesterday was another day of delivering beans and rice to the community we’re living in this week. The group that was out passed a woman on the path who walked toward them.  Then later the woman came back by and they were able to give her beans and rice. She thanked them and said her children were crying because they were hungry. They had not eaten the previous day.  We know we made a difference to them for a couple of days.

But the lasting impact of a short-term mission trip is within ourselves. The primary difference we make is in us.  We haven’t changed Haiti much this week, but Haiti has changed most of our group forever.  




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